3 Benefits Of Using Insulated Concrete Forms To Construction

The technology used in construction has changed massively over the past few decades. New technology focuses on more durable structures and speeds up the construction timelines. One of the construction technologies revolutionizing the sector is insulated concrete forms or ICFs. The forms from expanded polystyrene come separated by plastic webbing. The contractor sets up the insulated frames and pours the concrete inside the framework. Once the framework dries up, they will affix drywall or other finishes to the form and finish the construction. Here are the three benefits to expect from the revolutionary material. 

Higher Quality of Thermal Insulation

It is advisable to consider the energy efficiency of the structure you are creating before choosing a suitable material. Different construction materials have varying levels of thermal insulation capabilities. Older construction materials like wooden frames were inefficient, leading to cladding or siding. Insulated concrete forms are excellent in trapping and retaining the heat inside the building. The blocks interlock and seal excellently, leaving no open spaces where heat might escape through. They also have a double continuous layer of insulation, which maximizes heat retention. 

Lower Construction Costs

Insulated concrete forms are much cheaper than the wooden framing used in construction. They are also strong and more durable than the conventional homemade wooden frames. Since the material does not get water damage or pests, it can last for years without compromising the overall structural integrity of your home. The contractors who are conversant with this construction process understand all the permits needed. Therefore, they set out to work early and gather all the crucial material. Proper organization reduces the construction timelines and also the cost. You will need fewer repairs over the lifetime of the ICF home, which makes it the most affordable construction material. 

More Durable Structures

A well-installed insulated concrete form building can last for up to a century without the need for repairs. Since the primary material is reinforced polystyrene, you can expect additional protection during natural disasters like flooding. The material also withstands fire well. You do not need to add a vapor barrier to the home when constructing with ICF because it is already resistant to moisture. 

The building technology has the potential to give you massive returns when installed by a competent concrete contractor. Speak to trusted and reliable concrete specialists and start designing the building of your dreams. With their help, you will get a durable, economical, and energy-efficient home.

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