Are Epoxy Flake Floors Right for You Commercial Location? 4 Things to Know

While once available in only shades of gray, the concrete used in flooring projects for both residential and commercial buildings can now be customized by color, texture, finishes, and additives to make it both durable and beautiful. One of the newest trends in concrete flooring options is the epoxy flake or reflector epoxy floor. Those who are interested in learning more about this type of floor can start with the following information. 

What is an epoxy flake floor? 

Unlike many types of flooring, an epoxy flake floor is applied as multiple layers to achieve both a beautiful depth of design and a surface sheen. Depending on the number of layers used, the floor will consist of a background epoxy in the color of the customer's choosing, followed by one or more coats of clear epoxy, one or more applications of decorative flakes, then a final layer of UV-resistant vinyl in either a glossy or satin finish. 

Is an epoxy flake floor suitable for high-traffic locations? 

Floors created with the epoxy flake method are extremely durable in high traffic situations that often leave other flooring types looking scratched or marred. Applied as a fluid to a clean, properly prepared concrete floor surface, the liquid epoxy forms a strong bond that resists wear, scratches, and chips. Once thoroughly cured, epoxy flake floors can also be safely cleaned with commercial floor cleaning appliances, like buffers, and is unharmed by the use of most harsh commercial floor cleaning preparations. 

Can epoxy flake floors withstand heavy use, such as parking decks and garage floors? 

Another reason to choose epoxy flake floors over plain finished concrete or other flooring materials is its ability to withstand the weight of automobiles and machinery without cracking. Each layer of fluid applied during the initial installation process bonds tightly to each additional layer to create the strength required in heavy commercial applications. 

In addition, in settings where motor oil or other lubricants would typically cause permanent stains, epoxy flake floors are able to more easily resist surface staining and damage that often plague traditional concrete floor surfaces. 

Can epoxy flake floors be customized to coordinate with existing flooring? 

In locations where an existing floor will remain visible near the new epoxy flake flooring, property owners can specify specific colors of both the epoxy flakes and the base coats to help ensure an attractive, cohesive appearance. 

Property owners who want to learn more about this type of flooring can contact a concrete contractor in their area who specializes in the installation of epoxy flake floors

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