Doing Home Concrete Work? Skip These Mistakes

If you've got the knowledge, concrete projects and be among the many projects you do on your property. Whether you're cutting up and getting rid of a crumbling concrete walkway or want to pour a new concrete pad, the work can be rewarding. However, you might ignore vital steps that make or break any project. Avoid the following.

Ignoring Permits

The first mistake some make is to not realize that the city or town they live in will have their own requirements regarding concrete work. Your municipality may want property owners to produce plans or secure specific permits before they will approve new concrete projects. Even if you don't think there are any permits that apply to you, speak to the building or planning department at your town hall. That will help you avoid any permit violation fines.

Ignoring Proper Gear

Because you're working on your own property, you might want to take a more relaxed approach to concrete projects. You might forgo goggles, hard-toed shoes, and other materials that could protect your body as you're doing these projects. However, take any project seriously. Ensure you're protecting ears by operating saws or other machinery only when good noise-canceling headgear is worn. Protect your lungs from ingesting dust by masking up. Even if it takes a little longer to get started because you're donning safety gear, it is worth it to your health and well-being.

Cutting Corners

In an effort to finish projects, you may be cutting corners. One example is failing to do some quick surface cuts in concrete slabs because you trust yourself to cut in straight lines. However, rushing and avoiding surface cuts can lead to more work later; you're likely to have to correct mistakes.

Ignoring Professional Help

Even if you're sure that you can take on an entirely new concrete project on your property, you may have some concern over cutting existing concrete slabs. You might not have the proper saws yet or you might simply not want to take the time to cut and dispose of the slabs yourself. Delays in new work could be caused while you're trying to deal with slab cutting on your own.

Contacting or consulting a concrete slab cutting service is the best way to avoid delays and hiccups so you can start on any new projects. A company that cuts slabs may also dispose of the concrete for you; this can save you from related headaches.

For more information or help, contact a local concrete slab cutting service.

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