Cutting Through Concrete Surfaces

Needing to have concrete surfaces cut can be an important part of many types of projects, but individuals may greatly overestimate the difficulty of this part of the project. This can have fairly major impacts on their decisions at various stages during this work.

Will Concrete Cutting Services Cause Cracks That Can Spread Across The Surface?

There are many instances where a person may need to have a small opening cut through a concrete surface so that plumbing, electrical, or telecommunication lines can be installed more easily. As a result, it is important for any holes that are cut in the concrete to be done so without potentially weakening or cracking the surrounding concrete. Luckily, a professional concrete cutting service will be able to avoid these risks as they will use specialized equipment that will be able to cut through the concrete while minimizing the amount of stress that it puts on it so that the risk of cracking the surface will be limited.

Is It Possible To Cut Through Concrete That Has Rebar In It?

Structural concrete will often utilize rebar to reinforce and strengthen it. While this will greatly strengthen the concrete surface, it will still be possible to cut through it. This is possible using a diamond-tipped blade that will be able to easily cut through both the concrete and the metal bars that are inside it. Having this type of concrete cut may be more expensive, but this is a result of the fact that it may take these services longer to be able to successfully cut through the metal. Removing sections of rebar from a concrete wall can have secondary impacts on the structural integrity of the building, and you should always consult with an engineering service to ensure that the structure can accommodate this modification.

Are There Any Dust Control Options Available?

Concrete cutting projects will always produce large amounts of dust. However, this does not mean that the dust will be spread throughout the structure or project site as there are dust control options that can be used to significantly reduce this problem. For example, some concrete cutting systems will use water to prevent the dust from becoming airborne. This will significantly reduce the difficulty of cleaning up after this work has been completed. Additionally, professional concrete cutting services may isolate the area that is undergoing work with plastic barriers, which can be another effective option for making the dust from these projects much easier to manage.

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