Crane Rentals: Critical Considerations

Crane rentals complement the rest of your fleet on particular construction jobs you might be working on. These rentals make sense financially for you since you only rent them for specific times and don't have to worry about storing or maintaining them. However, this can mean you're not too familiar with good rental practices and how to protect yourself from additional costs and other issues during the projects. Consider the following:

The Operator

Quickly renting crane equipment means easy mistakes happen, such as selecting "bare rentals" for a cheaper rental price. This means that you're only renting the machine; it's now your responsibility to track down a driver with experience and appropriate skills. This can eat up time you've allotted for other parts of the project, so be mindful of whether the equipment you're renting is "bare" or not; it probably makes more sense to have an already-vetted operator arrive with the machine.

The Specific Crane

Without experience, size may seem largely irrelevant or a decision easily made. However, proper sizing ensures more efficient construction work. Rental staff may advise you, but ask them to go down to the exact site where you'll need the rental. They can then clearly understand which issues could necessitate a particular size crane over another.

The Site

While you've got the attention of rental company staff, discussing the physical site itself is important. They can point out landscape features, overhead wires and additional issues that will make setup and operation more difficult. You could pay more for trickier setups if the company's operations will be involved, so getting information before that happens is vital.

The Plan

Of course, the crane is merely one of many vehicles and machines working on an individual site. However, because you've only got the rented crane for a specific time period, you must remain mindful of any non-working idle time. That means other workers and equipment need to be working seamlessly; any delays on their part can mean more time needed for the crane, which can rack up higher fees. A plan should be agreed upon so time isn't wasted.

Construction sites always mean there's a flurry of activity, and if you're renting cranes that's another topic to care about. Gather what information you can about how you can use the machines effectively and consult rental businesses willing to partner with you. If all goes as you hope, you should be able to count on that business for your cranes going forward

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