3 Benefits Of Using Driveway Gravel In Your Garden

Are you looking for a way to improve your garden beds while also adding to their appearance? Why  not try using driveway gravel rather than mulch or wood chips? There are a variety of benefits of using gravel in your landscaping, including the following:

It's Long Lasting

Unlike mulch, gravel in your landscaping beds can last for a very long time. Instead of paying for and laying new mulch each spring, you can lay gravel that will last for many years. You will have to clean it out each season, particularly if you have shedding trees that drop leaves into your beds. However, this is a very small price to pay for a lovely landscape that requires no extra money. Simply remove the gravel, pull any weeds, remove fallen leaves and other debris, then shovel the gravel right back into your beds. It will look just as lovely as the day you first placed it.

Adds Beautiful Texture

Gravel in garden beds can add some really nice texture to your landscaping. Instead of the flatness of dirt and mulch, the interest of the driveway will really help set off your flowers, shrubs, and other plants. Much like when you are using texture to decorate the inside of your home, the same concept applies to your exterior as well. Using a mixture of textures can help enhance your lawn and maximize your curb appeal.

Colors Maximize Visual Appeal

One major benefit of using gravel in garden beds is the fact that it provides beautiful color to your landscape. You never really know what color rocks you will get with driveway gravel, but it typically includes shades of grey, brown, red, white, and orange. If you are more keen on having a neutral color scheme, you can consider a gravel that is monochromatic, such as black lava rock or pea gravel. The color gravel you choose to use will really help set the tone of your garden beds and keep them looking well-maintained and attractive.

In addition, adding driveway gravel to your garden beds has some practical purpose as well. It helps with weed prevention, it helps with water drainage, and it can improve your soil health. If you are considering gravel for your garden, speak to a local garden center to ask about bulk purchasing, as it often is a better deal than purchasing it by the sack at home improvement stores. Contact a business, such as Hanson Aggregates, for more information.   

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