How To Decorate Your Patio With A Mexican Theme

Are you enclosing part of your backyard to create a patio with a Mexican theme? If so, think of words like festive, colorful and unique. With summer right around the corner, this is the perfect time to get ready for relaxing and entertaining in your new patio. From the flooring to the furniture, here are some ideas that might help you to design something exceptional.

The Flooring - Tile, brick, or flagstone are all good choices for a Mexican-themed patio. However, have you ever considered using decorative concrete? Concrete is very affordable and when it is faux painted it can take on the look of pretty much anything your mind can imagine. Think of faux painting it with something totally dramatic like Talavera tile or Saltillo tile. Decorative concrete isn't just affordable. It's also so durable that your patio floor will last for years and years. In fact, age often gives the design of decorative concrete a beautiful, soft look. Decorative concrete is also very easy to care for. Just sweep it and, if you want to thoroughly clean it, use your garden hose to do the job.

The Furniture - For a casual Mexican look, choose rustic wood, especially if it has leather as part of the design. For a more elegant look, select wrought iron. Both wood and wrought iron do well outdoors, even though the wood may need to be stained and sealed periodically. Another good thing about rustic wood and wrought iron is that they can be painted any color you like. Try something bold for a dramatic touch. For example, black wood would be sensational. Verdi green for the wrought iron would be very classy. For extra fun, even though they're really not considered furniture, hang Mexican hammocks wherever there is enough room for them.

The Walls - Again, consider decorative concrete to establish a Mexican look for your patio. The appearance of weathered brick, adobe or stucco would be very authentic if you want the look of an old Mexican wall. Add the illusion of ivy or moss on the walls for a dramatic touch. For something more contemporary, choose festive designs like butterflies, birds, flowers and even pinatas. Another idea for decorative concrete on your walls is to create a Mexican scene on one of the walls. For example, dancers performing a Mexican folk dance or a mariachi band at work would be amazing.

Shop at nurseries and at stores that sell goods from Mexico to find decorative pieces like clay birds, hand-painted pots, and wall planters to add authenticity to your Mexican-themed patio.

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