Three Uses For Old Concrete

If you're a homeowner who has recently remodeled a yard, driveway, or walkway and who now has a pile of old concrete plunked down in the yard, you're likely wondering who to call to haul all of it away for either free or for a cheap amount so you can save money. But you may not have to go that route. There are other things you can do with old concrete that are either free for you or that could earn you a little money. Here are three things you can do with that old concrete that won't cause your remodeling budget to grow any more.

Large Mosaic Pieces

If you or someone you know is a craftsy type of person, save the pieces of concrete to use as large mosaic tiles. You can trim the pieces down a bit to create interlocking patterns for paths, patios, or even large tabletops. You might not think old, gray concrete pieces could look elegant, but they really can when placed in a pattern. You can separate the pieces by size and save them for when a suitable project comes up.

Extra Money

Who says you have to pay to have someone take the concrete? Contact gravel companies or landscapers. Many use crushed concrete in paths or in other projects, and they'd be happy to take the concrete off your hands -- in some cases by paying you, rather than the other way around. You may have to separate out the different sizes again and sell them to different companies, but the end results are no more concrete sitting in a pile in your yard, and a little more money in your bank account.

Short Retaining Wall or Raised Bed Border

Even if you plan to keep your new yard design for a while, you may decide soon to plant a flower bed or level some sloped areas with retaining walls. You can use the pieces as edging for the bed, for example, or use larger, flatter pieces to form a bench on top of the bed border. If the slopes in your yard are small, you can create mini-retaining walls by stacking up the blocks of old concrete and fixing them with a little mortar.

For more suggestions about what to do with old concrete, you should talk to concrete contractors who can also point you toward companies that might buy some or all of the pieces. The contractors might even want the concrete themselves for recycling. For help with concrete questions, contact a business, such as New Interstate Concrete

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