How To Design A Unique Patio

If you're tired of the cold winter months, you must be excited about spring and summer being right around the corner. Are you adding a patio to your home? If so, from the flooring to the right furniture, here are some ideas that might help you to design a patio that is both unique and attractive.

The Flooring - Wood would look nice, but you have to remember that it will need to be re-stained pretty often. A really good idea is to hire a concrete contractor to lay brick or flagstone for your patio floor. Another consideration is to have concrete poured for your flooring. If you choose concrete, it can be faux painted to look like cobblestone, Mexican tile, Italian marble or pretty much anything else you can come up with. Brick, flagstone and concrete are all affordable choices and they will all last for a very long time. They all weather well, too. In fact, weathering often gives those materials an attractive, subtle look. Clean any of those materials just with a broom or the garden hose.

A Focal Point -  A tiered fountain as your focal point would be beautiful. Make it even more unique by surrounding it with hand-painted clay pots of different sizes and shapes. Another good focal point would be to have your concrete contractor pour a concrete foundation for a huge fireplace. A fireplace would be great on cool evenings or for roasting hot dogs and marshmallows. If you decide on the fireplace, think of combining rock and brick in the design. A heavy black wrought iron fireplace screen would be great.

The Furniture - Choose anything that will weather well.

  • Heavy wooden furniture would give your patio a rustic look.
  • Wrought iron with filigrees in the design would set an elegant look.
  • Outdoor wicker would set a charming, old-fashioned look.

As you select your patio furniture, think about how you will be entertaining. If you like sit down meals, buy a large table and chairs. Knowing that sometimes you'll have more intimate meals, choose a small occasional table that you can use for eating purposes. Just pull up some of the chairs from the large table setting when you need them. A great idea is to buy several rocking chairs just for relaxing.

If you're ready to get started with your patio flooring, contact commercial concrete contractors in your area for more ideas.

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