Three Questions To Ask When You Hire A Paving Contractor For Your Driveway

An old asphalt driveway can quickly become an eyesore as weeds and grass begin to grow out of the cracks. Whether you're thinking about selling your home or you just want to keep your curbside appeal, hiring an asphalt paving contractor to repave your driveway will quickly transform the look of the area. The first step in your mission to find the right paving contractor is to talk to your neighbors who have recently had their driveways repaved and develop a list of recommended contractors. You can then call a few of the companies on this list to get cost estimates and confirm schedule availability. Here are three valuable questions to ask during this process.

What Driveways In My Area Have You Paved?

Even if you've received a recommendation from a neighbor or two, it's beneficial to ask each contractor about other jobs performed around the neighborhood. Any reputable paving service will be happy to provide you with this information. You can then take a drive to check out the various driveways to see how they look. It's also ideal, if you encounter one of the home's residents in the yard, to politely ask him or her about the level of satisfaction with the paving contractor and how he or she is liking the new driveway.

Will You Pave Directly Over My Existing Driveway?

Although it's sometimes possible to apply a fresh layer of asphalt over an existing one, reputable contractors will want to see how your driveway currently looks before making this decision. When you ask this question, you should expect to be asked to supply some photos of your driveway or told that someone will visit your home to inspect the condition of the driveway to know the best approach for paving it. In the case of a severely cracked driveway, you can expect a reputable contractor to tear up the asphalt and start fresh so that there's a solid foundation.

Do You Use Subcontractors For Any Part Of The Job?

Some paving contractors handle the entire project themselves, while others use subcontractors. If you're happy with the conscientiousness shown when you speak to the contractor on the phone, it might be preferable to have this person handle the job instead of using a subcontractor. If the paving service takes the latter approach, it's important to confirm that someone will be visiting the job during and after its completion to ensure that it's done to the contractor's standard.

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