About Air-Entrained Concrete & Professional Patio Construction

Although a concrete patio can be constructed in many different ways, your main focuses should be high-quality products and construction so that your patio is as durable as possible. Make sure that a concrete patio will not need untimely repairs by investing in air-entrained concrete and hiring a professional for construction. This article will give you an idea of why air-entrained concrete is a good option for patio construction and why a professional is needed.

The Mixing Process of Air-Entrained Concrete

The process of mixing air-entrained concrete is one thing that will lead to your patio being more durable. Basically, the pavement contractor will inject air into the concrete as it is being mixed to create a lot of microscopic air bubbles. There are different qualities of air-entrained concrete, so make sure that you opt for one that has the most air bubbles. The purpose of the bubbles is to provide a space for water to go inside of when it seeps underneath the surface of your patio. The reason the air bubbles are helpful for preventing damage is due to them being able to be compressed when water flows inside of them, rather than a lot of pressure building up and causing cracks.

The Problems Air-Entrained Concrete Can Prevent

If you live in a cold region, a rainy day can lead to frozen water under the surface of the patio. The frozen water can thaw out and cause pressure under the aggregates that make up the surface. You don't want pressure under the aggregates because it can lead to the surface becoming weak. You will then end up with cracks and scaling on your patio, which is unappealing and requires a repair.

Hire a Professional Concrete Contractor

You should hire a professional contractor because he or she will know how long to wait before laying the surface aggregates so bleeding can fully take place. Bleeding is a process in which excess water rises to the top of the concrete mixture and naturally evaporates. The point of getting rid of bleed water is to make sure it does create surface pressure and cause untimely damage. A professional will also be able to prepare the ground the right way to ensure that your patio does not end up being unlevel. Speak to a concrete professional about your desires for a patio so he or she can get the task done as soon as possible. For more information, visit sites like http://www.unitstepjoliet.com. 

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