Advantages Of Concrete Refinishing

Concrete is a wonderful, durable, and attractive material for sidewalks, patios, and driveways. After some time, however, you may notice it looks dappled and has cracks and nicks. Instead of replacing your concrete, you should consider having your concrete surfaces refinished or engraved instead.


Replacing your concrete surfaces can be quite expensive. If you opt to refinish these areas instead, you'll spend much less on materials. The process is also much quicker than a replacement, so you'll end up paying your contractor less, too. Replacing the concrete can cost three times as much as replacing it.


Concrete can last for decades, but if your surfaces are around 25 years old, you should probably replace them. However, if your surfaces are ten or fifteen years old, resurfacing can do the trick, making the driveway and patio look like new and adding years to their lives. A contractor simply removes the top layer of your driveway and replaces it with new concrete. This process also helps hide and correct cracks and divots that not only look bad, but also compromise the strength of your driveway or patio.


In addition to "fixing" your surfaces, you can actually add design elements. You can have your contractor add colors and patterns if you wish, actually upgrading your old patio or concrete area without replacing it. You can choose colors that complement your home's exterior and patterns that add a touch of pizazz to an otherwise pedestrian feature.  Resurfacing can make your concrete look better than new.


If your concrete has only minor problems, you can rejuvenate it by staining and then engraving it rather than replacing or even resurfacing it.  A skilled contractor can use a machine to engrave a pattern that looks great but hides the irregularities in the concrete's surface. They will stain the concrete and then add a pattern of your choice. You will have a fancy new surface, and no one will suspect that your "new" surface is hiding old problems.

When your old concrete shows signs of wear, you do not have to make the drastic choice to replace it. In many instances, you will be able to either resurface or engrave the existing concrete and end up with a surface that may actually look better than a total concrete replacement would. You will save money without compromising your home's appearance. Consult with a contractor from a company like Asphalt Industries LLC and learn about options that will work for you.


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