Four Tips To Help You With Getting Concrete Delivered On Site To Cut Costs And Time

If you have a large project with a lot of concrete work to be done, having materials delivered in ready-mix batches can save you time and money. It can also present several logistical challenges to get everything scheduled at the right time to get the job done. The concrete finishers need to be organized with the deliveries to ensure that concrete has the perfect consistency. Here are some tips to help you manage the logistics of ready-mix concrete for your project:

1. Preparing The Site For Ready-Mix Truck Deliveries

One of the challenges that you may have is getting trucks to the jobsite. You may need to get trucks to hard to reach areas. This can be done by adding swamp mats where trucks will need to go. Some ready-mix services also have mini-trucks, which carry lighter loads to reach remote locations. Another option is to use pump trucks to reach locations where mixing trucks cannot go.

2. Choosing A Service With Plants Near A Jobsite

There is a short period of time that you have to pour concrete once it leaves the batching plant. If the plant is several hours away, this can limit the time that crews have to pour and finish concrete. To solve this problem, talk to the concrete service about finding plants that are near the jobsite to have more time to pour and finish concrete. If the only service you can find is hours away, make sure that you are ready for the trucks when they come.

3. Organizing Concrete Finishers To Be Ready For Deliveries

Organizing the concrete finishing crews is also important. You want to make sure that you have the workers onsite before the trucks are delivered. Waiting trucks can cause the concrete to go bad, making you lose time and money. If you need to have a pump truck, make sure that it is also onsite before the delivery of the ready-mix batches.

4. Dealing With Bad Concrete Batches And Late Truck Deliveries

You may have to deal with concrete batches that are bad and late deliveries with your concrete. Core samples can be taken of concrete batches after they are poured to test for quality. When a truck comes late, if it is waiting too long, the concrete may need to be dumped because of it being too cured to be used.

These are some tips to help you manage logistics of your concrete deliveries. If you need a lot of concrete for your next project, contact a ready-mix service like Van Doren Red-E-Mix and get the help you need with the delivery and logistics of materials for your project.  

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